Founded in 1994 by musician and sound designer Michael Godfrey, Rising Sun Productions Ltd. is a specialty audio production and post-production facility dedicated to achieving the most realistic listening experience from recorded audio.

While working on numerous albums and providing sound design services for film and television projects, Michael was driven by a memory of listening to a Pink Floyd Album over headphones in the 1990s while walking on a beach in IOS, Greece. The listening experience was so real that at one point he actually thought someone was walking up from behind him. He turned around only to realize that it was the realism of this three-dimensional, binaural recording that transported him into a new realm.

Soon after, this powerful experience led Michael to begin experimenting with a binaural microphone system in a dummy head to emulate how the human head receives and experiences audio signals. By this time, multi-channel audio systems were becoming more popular to professionals and to consumers. The growth of home theater further inspired Mike's experiments because now people everywhere could be transported into a 3D listening experience from pre-recorded audio in their very own living rooms.

In late 1994, Mike developed initial designs for a prototype Holophone surround sound microphone system, which included ten microphones arranged in an enclosure roughly the size and shape of a football. Such an arrangement would capture all sound complete with detailed ambiance, providing greater localization and a more realistic listening experience of the recording.

Rising Sun Productions Ltd. was granted a patent for this unique utilization of microphones and for the Holophone surround sound microphone system.

The Canadian National Research Council joined a collaborative effort to further refine the Holophone system, ensuring compliance for all professional audio recording applications with HD and standard television broadcasting, live music and sporting event broadcasting and recording, and feature film production recording.

The Holophone surround system is available today for professionals wishing to optimize their surround sound recording projects. Development is underway for a consumer product, Holophone Mini, that will serve as the ideal complement to camcorder users wishing to record "real home movies" in surround sound for playback over their home theatre systems.


Today, Rising Sun Productions and Holophone offers a diverse line of recording microphones that specifically address the challenges audio professionals face in capturing, recording and broadcasting multi-channel surround sound.  These include its H2-PRO, H4 SuperMINI, H3-D and PortaMic Pro models, all built to create realistic, discrete 5.1 and 7.1 recordings for broadcast, feature film, live events and a wide range of other professional applications.

The company is also now licensed to include Dolby Laboratories’ Dolby® Pro Logic II® encoding technology, into several of its microphones.    By adding Dolby Pro Logic II to several of its products, users are now equipped with the ideal solution for capturing ultra-realistic surround sound and delivering it in stereo, making the transition from stereo to surround seamless in a wide range of productions.  Surround recordings captured with Holophone’s revolutionary products can now be delivered over existing stereo infrastructure and be accurately decoded into surround sound using any Dolby Pro Logic II decoder as well as other matrix decoders compatible with Dolby Pro Logic II that are available on the market.

Holophone has also recognized the need for this technology in the consumer market and is now offering the PortaMic 5.1, the first camera-mountable mic that easily brings cinematic surround sound to home movies.   This technology used to be reserved for high-budget broadcasts and films, but now with the help of Holophone, surround sound recordings are more accessible to the everyday camcorder user.   

Holophone will continue to provide the very best in recording technologies to its customers.  Through its innovative product introductions and diverse applications, Holophone is poised to remain at the forefront of the very latest in surround sound technology.

Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Rising Sun Productions has satellite offices in Southern California and UK.


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