The Holophone surround sound microphone system is ideal for recording the most realistic multi-channel audio, for HDTV or standard television broadcasting. It is able to record up to 6.1 discrete channels of audio for mixing, direct recording, encoding, and/or direct broadcasting. Its simple set-up and ease of use makes it ideal for broadcasting of live sporting and music events in surround sound. When integrated into a complete, remote location microphone and mixing system, the Holophone also enhances stereo broadcasts.
Surround sound recorded with the Holophone system is more realistic, provides optimal localization, outstanding ambience that seamlessly integrates into the 3D audio listening experience. The 5.1 or 6.1 channels are totally compatible with all standard, multi-channel audio-encoding processes - Dolby AC-3, DTS, and Circle Surround.

The unique feature of the Holophone for broadcasting lies in its ability to effortlessly capture the essence of any live venue and pass on that "feeling" to viewers at home. With the Holophone there is no need to mix the ambiance of a live event in real time.

Simply figure out placement, plug the Holophone in...and you are there!

We have used the Holophone on a number of high profile television and HDTV broadcasts over the past decade. For more detailed information and pictures from some of the events we have worked on, please visit Holophone In Action.