The audio standard for HTDV is 5.1 multi-channel audio for all programming; both live and in-studio productions. The Holophone surround sound microphone system is perfectly suited to all audio capture, recording, mixing, and HDTV broadcasting applications.

Studios and production facilities will enjoy a single system that can be easily set-up and record up to 6.1 channels of high quality audio.

We have used the Holophone in a number of high profile HDTV broadcasts over the past few years. It is perfect for creatiing a listening experience that is as "big" as the high definition picture.

Home Theater sales have increased drastically around the World over the last three years and are continuing to do so. Viewers have set up their homes to enjoy the HDTV experience. There is a need for a more realistic audio experience in High Definition broadcasts - the Holophone is the answer!

The Holophone Surround Sound Microphone is the perfect "front-end" to any surround sound mixing, broadcasting, encoding, and recording system. Holophone is establishing the standard for surround sound recording for all broadcast applications.

For more detailed information and pictures from some of the events we have worked on, please visit Holophone In Action.


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