Along with rapid consumer adoption of DVD and Home Theater systems, the music recording, production, and engineering communities are refining the craft of creating dynamic and powerful multi-channel music mixes. Popular among such projects are live concerts recorded and released on DVD in 5.1 or 6.1 channel surround sound.
Feedback from artists and mixers of live events and concerts indicates that capturing the ambience of the venue accurately is a great challenge. The Holophone system excels at recording ambient sounds. It may be used by itself or integrated into other microphone systems to ensure recordings that will place listeners "smack-dab" in the center of the orchestra or pit! The Holophone system will greatly assist mixers when making choices about listeners' point of view or where to place sounds. With the Holophone system, surround sound recordings will literally "place" listeners in the best seats in the house.

Quite simply, the Holophone surround sound microphone system is the perfect "front-end" to any surround sound mixing, broadcasting, encoding, and recording system. Holophone is establishing the standard for surround sound recording for all applications.

For more detailed information and pictures from some of the events we have worked on, please visit Holophone In Action.


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