Much Music Video Awards

Outdoor, Muchmusic Live Virtual Surround Television and Internet Broadcast, October 2000.
This was the first broadcast using the Production versions of the Holophone® and the Virtual Surround feature in our new PCM-7, Preamplifier Control Module.

Muchmusic, the Canadian equivalent to MTV, hosted the awards show outside the City TV/Muchmusic Studios on Queen St. West in Downtown Toronto, on a rainy evening. The station utilized three stages for the show, (one small inside, and two large outdoor stages) We set up three different Holophone® system at the front of each stage at different distances to the performers depending on the stage size. This gave us the ability to monitor and broadcast three very unique live-music venues at the same time.

What a party! On hand to perform that evening were Lenny Kravitz, The Guess Who ( who did a very cool version of 'American Woman' with Kravitz), Moby, Destiny's Child (Va-voom!), The Barenaked Ladies, Blink 182 and many others.

As usual, it rained, but we were very well prepared that night and the systems performed flawlessly. We learned a lot about the way the Holophone® must be used in conjunction with the existing technologies involved in a Stereo broadcast, and most specifically, how much 'space' the Virtual Surround Signal must be given in order to achieve it's desired effect. It sure sounded cool. And the show was a blast!


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