25th Genie Awards, CityTV HDTV Broadcast", Toronto Canada, March 21, 2005

The H2-PRO was used by City TV to capture the natural surround sound ambience of the 25th Genie Awards, The Canadian Film Academy's annual awards show, located this year at the Metropolitan Toronto Convention Center.

The Holophone was hung in the center position of the stage, about 40 feet (13 meters) back from the stage and above the audience 20 feet (7 meters) hanging from a lighting truss. The main stage PA (stereo) monitors were equi-distant to the Holophone in the left and right positions. The PA sound was was very balanced in this location which was necessary, as that was the main noise source in the room. The "nose" (center channel) of the Holophone was angled slightly down and towards the stage to give the audience the 3-D audio perspective of flying over the events while facing the stage. By hanging the H2-PRO in this fashion. the Hi-def Cameras shots were not compromised. The Holophone tracks were sent out via an audio snake cable backstage to the DOME Productions Hi-def audio truck and were panned discreetly to the corresponding surround channel and then used as the base ambience for the remainder of the mix . The H2-PRO derived audio was then combined with the other incoming stage mics for the main surround 5.1 feed.

The broadcast was very natural sounding with excellent three-dimensional auditory localization. The H2-PRO provided a feeling of being there live! Set-up time for the hanging H2-PRO was well under two hours.


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