AES 2007-New York

Excited attendees at the Holophone Booth were treated to a live performance by LA based reggae band One Drop Redemption to kick off Holophone's Annual NAB Beer Bash.

The booth was packed from start to finish with attendees looking to capture realistic 5.1 recordings as Holophone rocked the NAB show floor again this year. With a new line up of portable products for 2008, the companies growth was evident. The ultra stylish PortaMic 5.1, the second of Holophone's microphones to utilize Dolby's Pro Logic II encoding format.
The Porta Mic 5.1 allows users to capture 5.1 channels of audio directly to their video camera!
The Holphone D-Code is a small bright green box that utilizes Dolby's Pro Logic II Decoder to aid in the workflow of material captured usinng the Dolby Pro Logic II format.
The Holophone N-Code allows users of the H2-Pro, H3-D or any standard microphone array to plug in 6 channels of analog audio and have it encoded on the fly using Dolby's Pro Logic II Encoder.
Check out the product section for more details on these and other fantastic Holophone Products.
Thanks to all who came out to support the Holophone Crew at NAB 2008.
Holophone continues to provide cost effective, simple solutions for the capture of ultra realistic 5.1 recordings.

Until next time, May all your Recordings be... Surround. Simple.