AES Europe, Barcelona, Spain 2005

"Burnin' Green"

Holophone recently exhibited at the May, 2005 AES in Barcelona, Spain.

The company is in a rather unique position to gauge the Global rise of Surround Sound Production due to its worldwide trade show exposure. Europeans are definitely in the process of ramping up for the new world of Surround Sound Broadcast and recording, with Holophone products at the front -end. Interest and attendance at both the booth and recording seminars was very high. The vibe at the show was really good as well, with many Holophone surround sound demonstrations being run to a packed booth and Reggae dancing in the aisles led by the wonderful Joyce (Holophone Girl#1) and Melanie (Holo-Girl#2). Interest in the other products showcased by Holophone was at an all-time high as well. The European Market was introduced to the Holophone Mini and Pocket PME for the Broadcast Camera as well as prototypes of Holophone hearing enhancement technologies , enabled by the Pocket PME, that were mounted to a military helmet.

Holophone Loves Europe!!
see you next time!

-the Holophone crew.