Branford Marsalis Live in Amsterdam

The Branford Marsalis Quartet, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April, 2003. Small Jazz Club " Buimhuis', a very intimate 400 seat jazz club (plus a lot standing!!). with seats surrounding the stage.

This was the first project with Enliven Entertainment, NYC, a company whose specialty is live DVD production. An excellent Gig. Smooth sailing all the way, Produced by Pierre Lamoureux, the film crew used 6 HD cameras to capture two performances on two separate nights. The Holophone was given top priority in it's placement. As these guys knew that to achieve the desired 3-D sound effect for the DVD, it had to be an "audio first" project. That's what made it so enjoyable: that, great music, and a really good-natured and knowledgeable crew.

The Holophone was placed directly above the front-center stage position, sonically clearing the stage monitors and about ten feet off the floor angled slightly down, with the rears rising to pick up the crowd behind. Francois, Pierre's brother, the audio guru at Enliven/FOGO (Full Stereo) in Montreal, set up some well-placed spot mikes on the essential Bass, Drums, Saxophone and Piano which he recorded separately, to be combined on mix-down in Montreal with the Holophone tracks.

We monitored outside the event in a Dutch View (Dutch Broadcast) sound truck On sound check we knew it was going to sound Huge, When Brantford and his posse began the show we had the headphones on to monitor in Holophone Virtual Surround as there was no 5.1 monitoring in the truck we were in. We were blown away. It sounded awesome in the headphones and we knew it was going to turn out great. It was a great vibe in there, and we captured it in all it's essence. Amsterdam Rocks!

The DVD entitled "A Love Supreme Live in Amsterdam" is now available at music stores worldwide.through Marsalis Music. For more information click here



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