Evanescence Open Door Tour

Evanescence ~ The Open Door Tour 2006, Air Canada Centre, FOH Engineer: Eddie Mapp

The Holophone H2-Pro was used to capture surround sound of Evanescence for upcoming production material.
By placing the H2-Pro at the Front of House Mixing position (centre ice at the Air Canada Centre)
FOH Engineer Eddie Mapp is able to capture a true three dimensional audio image, giving DVD viewers at home a real sense of being in the crowd and on the concert floor.
After simply inputting the Holophones discrete XLR channels into the mixing board Evanescence FOH engineers hoisted the H2-Pro 12 feet in the air via boom pole.
Facing the stage, adorned by a skull and red bandanna the Holophone H2-Pro was ready to record.
Holophone makes surround sound simple. Rock & Roll!



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