Isaac Schwartz: Yellow Stars - Spivakov, SACD Hybrid 5.1

Isaac Schwartz: Yellow Stars - Spivakov, SACD Hybrid 5.1 recording in the Moscow International Music House, Moscow, Russia
National Philharmonic of Russia
Vladimir Spivakov (conductor)

Capriccio Records 2005

A Holophone unit is permanently installed in the main hall of the International House of Music in Moscow, Russia. More information on this facility can be found here.

Most of the recordings are made with the Holophone from the conductors position and perspective; with the Holophone being placed 1m (3 feet) back from, and 2 meters (6 feet) above his head with the nose pointing forward. This is an ideal arrangement for picking up a full concert hall soundscape in Surround Sound.

Additional material recorded from this Music facility can be heard by ordering a demonstration DVD by clicking here

Random review from the web:
-What a find - think Shostakovich without the motoric angst, infused with a dash of Rimsky-Korskian orientalism and some soaring melodies al a Khatchaturian's Spartacus.
Yellow Stars is a 7 movement "symphony" meditating on the horrors suffered by Jews in Eastern Europe under the Nazis, though Schwartz never deals directly with the Nazis in the music itself. It alternates between movements similar to sinuous and danceable Jewish melodies and slow movements which rise to real heights of haunting beauty.
The sound is absolutely magnificent... . It is a full-blooded Mercuryesque up-close recording with instrumentalists (violin, cello and clarinet) sounding like they could be in your room.
Congratulations Capriccio!-


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