Monday Night Football

Outdoor Football Stadium - this was an experimental HDTV Broadcast for the Holophone in instant 5.1 for ABC-TV. We used the Hard-wired version of the Holophone® and we set it up at the 50-yard line behind the players' bench, just above the retaining wall and angled the back of the "head" upwards to capture crowd sounds higher up into the stands.

It was very windy so we stuck some foam over the mic elements (we had no windscreen at that time) which worked really well.

What an experience it was for all of us sitting in the HDTV Broadcast truck and feeling the difference a Holophone could make in the three dimensional world of Surround Sound attached to a High-Def image. It was great to be able to walk out on the field and check the accuracy of what we were receiving from the holophone in the broadcast truck: a very accurate portrayal of actually being at the game.


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