Moscow International House of Music

A Holophone system was supllied under licence, as a permanent installation, to the Moscow International Music House.

On December 26, 2002 the gala opening ceremony of the Moscow International House of Music took place.

The new unique concert complex is the first "Palace of Music" built in Russia within more than 100 years. It is one of the largest in Europe and can be compared with the world most famous music halls.

The complex was constructed on the initiative of the City Mayor Mr. Yuri M. Luzhkov, as well as of the Moscow Government. The construction costs were fully covered by the city budget, and in return, the Moscow House of Music is to increase the prestige of Moscow as one of the world's cultural centers.

The Moscow House of Music comprises a symphony hall with more than 1800 seats, a chamber hall and a multipurpose hall with an overall capacity of more than 3000 seats. Special attention was paid to the hall acoustics, with all the achievements in this field taken into account. The construction of the ten-story music complex, with a two-story basement and total area of more than forty thousand square meters took 18 months, and was completed by a Turkish company ENKA, with the support of Tovarischestvo Teatralnyh Arkhitektorov Ltd., a Russian architectural design developing company (architects Mr. Yuriy P. Gnedovski and Mr. Vladlen D. Krasilnikov).

Seventeen Steinway grand-pianos have already been purchased for the Moscow House of Music, and by 2004, the largest wind organ in Russia will appear in the symphony hall. This year an electric organ will be installed on the stage of the chamber hall. The Moscow House of Music will become a rehearsal base for famous Russian orchestras, among which Virtuosos of Moscow, Aleksander S. Voroshilo, General director of the Moscow International House of Music, The Russian Philharmonic. Also, the Moscow House of Music will host Mr. Vladimir Spivakov's International Charity Foundation.

The audio-video studio with super modern technical equipment will enable the Moscow House of Music to record not only concerts, but also rehearsals of the world outstanding performers. The Moscow House of Music is to become one of Moscow's cultural centers, as it will include restaurants, an exhibition hall, a hotel, a music shop and a fitness center. All this will create the best conditions to
host prestigious music festivals and contests.

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