NAB 2005, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Holophone Rocks NAB

Visitors to Holophone's booth at the NAB'05 Convention in Las Vegas were treated to a variety of spectacular recordings made with the Holophone H2-PRO, including the American National Anthem and Paul McCartney's half-time performance of Hey Jude from Super Bowl XXXIX, as well as to dynamic product displays. In addition to the Holophone H2-PRO display, which also showcased the newly available H2-PRO Windscreen, prototypes for the new Holophone-MINI and Pocket PME made their debut . The booth buzzed daily as Holophone representatives continually presented 3-D demo recordings of material captured with the Holophone to "standing-room only" crowds around the clock. The H2-PRO is rapidly gaining momentum in the Pro-Audio community as an elegant and simple
solution to record and broadcast high-quality, 5.1 Surround Sound as evidenced by its use already this year for ESPN Winter X-Games, Fox's HDTV broadcast of Super Bowl XXXIX and CBS's HDTV broadcast of The 47th Annual Grammy Awards. Interest in the Holophone-MINI and pocket PME was very high
among all visitors because of its diverse applications, including ENG and other camera-mounted, broadcast applications.


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