NBA puts Holophone H2-PRO in the action

For anyone who has been to a live NBA game you know that half the fun is the energy in the building. The Holophone H2-PRO is now in ESPN audio mixer Jonathan Freed's NBA game setup. 
Incorporating the H2-PRO into the 5.1 audio mixes, means the viewers at home can now share the excitement.
ESPN has used Holophone Systems in various sporting events form the X-Games to Monday Night Football due to its natural clarity, ease of use and production of ultra realistic 5.1 surround sound ambience.

"The Holophone is a tremendous help because it is very easy to use and it delivers a good surround bed," Freed explains. "It also has a characteristic that I call intimacy – The Holophone allows us to hear the 50 or so people in its area, but not overwhelmingly so. It brings you closer to the experience of being in a seat in an arena than anything else I have used."

News: Holophone's H2-PRO is NBA MVP for ESPN'S Game Coverage

HOLOPHONE'S H2-PRO IS NBA MVP FOR ESPN'S GAME COVERAGE | BriefingRoom on Broadcast Engineering Magazine


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