NHL All Star Hockey

ABC-HDTV Broadcast. Air Canada Centre, Hockey and Basketball indoor arena. Seats: approximately 19,000 .

There's something very unique about the impact of actually being at a hockey game and experiencing the excitement of thousands in unison in a large arena.


This was a departure from the usual Hockey Broadcast we normally do up here in Canada, having been raised on Hockey Night in Canada, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporations' feature Saturday Night hockey broadcast, broadcast at the time in very 'complete' mono sound. That we were going to be broadcasting a game in HDTV with 5.1 channels of surround sound was a great feeling and the NHL ALL STAR game to boot!.

We set the Holophone up at the First Camera position on the center-ice line, about ten rows up, as that is predominantly where the general "perspective' of the game is seen from a viewer's perspective.We were all in the HD Broadcast truck watching, and listening, to the opening seconds.

A puck was shot hard at the net and missed by inches, the crowd made a tremendous "whoooooaaa". We FELT it in the truck and everybody looked at each other with open eyes?. Thousands behind us, way up behind us, and to the back were in the little sound-booth?..it was like we were inside, at the game, only bigger?..

THIS was HOCKEY. This was being at the Game!