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Comments of Mr. Kitayama: - Sapporo TV

In conclusion, the H2 PRO was able to be used considerably for surround broadcasting. I tested L, C, R, Ls, Rs, and the LFE. I heard the connection of the front, back, left and right really naturally.
In an enclosed space as big as Sapporo dome, there is large and a peculiar echo sound when the audience reacts to a play. I think that this peculiar echo sound forms the atmosphere of the airy feeling
of the domed stadium.
When the surround was produced in this baseball broadcasting, H2PRO was set up aiming to capture the airy feeling of the domed stadium. The mic more than met expectations in capturing this sound.,
The entire surround ambience of the domed stadium was able to be made only by mixing the sound of a few additional when utilising the sound of H2PRO as a "base".
Previously, I had set up a few mics for the "base" of the surround mix up to now. However this practice will end only because of the ease of set up of the H2PRO is a very big charm of this mic.
The easiness of this set up will become a big plus for the site of the surround broadcasting and the surround collection in the future. I think that H2PRO is one of the mics enumerated by the front runner when it is examined this mic will be chosen to record the base of the surround sound mix.


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