Super Bowl XXXIV

Indoor Dome Stadium. ABC-HDTV broadcast . What A Game! After experimenting at the NY Giants vs. Dallas Football Game and with some experience under our belts, we set up the hard-wired Holophone® on a pole at the 50-Yard line at the Georgia Dome.

Facing the action, about 20 feet up from the field which left about 10 feet extra height on the pole after clearing the retaining wall. The cable run was long and boy was it ever loud in that stadium. We had to run out in the middle of the game to make some adjustments to the gain, but the holophone really worked out well for this broadcast by adding a feeling to the noise and a sense of space that sent shivers down the back in the broadcast truck and I assume, in peoples homes. A great Experience. We learned a lot about extreme noise levels, long cable runs and any other thing that might go wrong in a broadcast. Invaluabley useful info. And a lot of fun!


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