Surround 2001

International Conference on Surround Sound, Beverly Hills, California, December, 2000.
We finally had production units of the Holophone® to diplay that were available to the public.

This conference, a production of Thomlinson Holman's Company, TMH and others, caters to the highest level of Surround Sound engineers, technicians and producers in the world.

We had a booth at the show which had Holophone® derived recordings of some of our previous venues and some cool sound effects playing in an audio-visual 5.1 setup: The US National Anthem at a College football Homecoming game, Some excellent Live Reggae music and other sounds of interest, playing nonstop. People walking by the booth Had to stop for a look and listen, and they did!. No one had heard anything like this before. Most people, upon experiencing what the Holophone® could do, commented "That's just one mic?

The guys from Pro Tools even set up a Holphone unit outside their demo room to use with their 5.1 Software - a lot of fun. Inside the room sounded like outside the room - very cool. Interest was excellent, people were excited (including us!) and the whole show was supremely informative and very successful. Surround Sound is booming.


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