The One Love, Bob Marley Tribute Concert, Orcabessa Bay, Jamaica.

Outdoor Live Music Concert , Island Records, Palm Pictures recording for an upcoming DVD. Ya Man. What a show!

A really cool vibe permeated this entire event- a tribute to reggae superstar, The Honorable Robert Nesta Marley put on by Island Records founder, Chris Blackwell, this gig was far more than an experience. We were situated dead center, just in front of the island where the main concert mixer is located, about 200 feet from the stage to capture the ambience that a concert goer feels. Notable artists included the Marley Family- all of them I think; Tracy Chapman, Queen Latifa, Busta Rhymes, Jimmy Cliff, Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers, Ben Harper, Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes, Eryka Badhu, Loren Hill, lots of local talent and a whole lot more.

The concert took place on a peninsula of land surrounded on all sides by the Carribean Sea. We had the opportunity to arrive and set up early enough to capture lots of magic moments in surround sound of some really cool versions of Marley's Songs during the rehearsal that went on for a couple of days before the actual event. During the show, It rained of and on, sometimes heavily, it was windy (out comes the foam again!) and there were serious decibel and low frequency issues to deal wit'. (The Jamaicans Love their Bass!). The show sounded awesome and we managed to get many hours of concert recordings.

On playback, listening to some of the songs we recorded, one is reminded of being at a concert in Jamaica, by the sea, enjoying oneself with 10,000 other people and watching the stars come out to shine. During some of the rainier portions of the show, I rigged up an umbrella to cover the Holophone®. This will be available as an option on production versions called the Holobrella® (joke). Our H-1(b) model should cover the rain issue because now it's water resistant! An excellent test, a great show and good vibes all around!


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