Press releases

Holophone Wows the Crowds at NAMM Feb 11, 2013
Holophone Unveils More Ground-Breaking Mics at NAMM Jan 15, 2013
Holophone and Q5X Announce Technology Partnership Jan 11, 2013
Holophone Introduces a new line of single-channel stage and studio microphones Nov 01, 2012
Holophone H2-PRO Captures Realistic Surround Sound on the Set of Fireproof May 07, 2010
NAB NEWS: Holophone CEO to Make Presentation during "Television Production" Seminar at NAB 2010 Apr 12, 2010
Renowned Sound Mixer, G. John Garrett, Cas, Puts Holophone H2-pro Through The Paces Mar 30, 2010
Holophone® Captures Musical Performances At 2010 Bcs National Championship Game Feb 17, 2010
Holophone Introduces PortaMic 5.1 And PortaMic Pro Models to M.I. Market Jan 14, 2010
Holophone’s H2-Pro Takes To The Track For “Truth In 24” Dec 03, 2009
Holophone's ® H3-D helps ea sports kick off new FIFA 10 video game in surround sound Nov 18, 2009
Holophone's ® H2-PRO scores a hat trick for soccer broadcasts on three major Italian networks Nov 18, 2009
Holophone PortaMic 5.1 and PortaMic PRO Models Now Shipping Nov 16, 2009
San Francisco's KTVU Breathes Life into Local Special Event Coverage with Holophone's H4 SuperMINI Oct 15, 2009
Holophone Signs Exclusive Deal with Minnetonka Audio Software to Provide Digital-Based Decoding Solution for Dolby-Encoded Microphones Oct 09, 2009
Holophone® H2-5.1 Surround Microphone now shipping Oct 07, 2009
Holophone Upgrades Best-Selling H2-PRO Surround Microphone With Sennheiser Mic Capsules Sep 24, 2009
Holophone's® PortaMic 5.1 nominated for TEC Award Jul 29, 2009
Holophone® moves Headquarters to where the grass is greener Jul 01, 2009
PEC brings Holophoner's Microphones to the London production community Jun 11, 2009
Holophone® H2-PRO is NBA MVP for ESPN's game coverage Apr 08, 2009
Holophone® H2-PRO goes the extra mile for "Austin City Limits" broadcast Jan 19, 2009
Holophone® names new Exclusive UK Distributor Jan 15, 2009
Holophone® and Greg Simmons Surround the world with Direct-To-5.1 Recordings Sep 29, 2008
Holophone® donates H3-D Microphone to recording workshop Aug 14, 2008
Holophone's® PortaMic 5.1 wins Broadcast engineering's NAB Pick Hit award May 30, 2008
Holophone's® and Rycote collaborate on windscreens for company's complete microphone line Feb 27, 2008
Holophone's® H2-PRO captures the action for CBC's Hockey Night in Canada Feb 13, 2008
Holophone's® H4SuperMINI brings surround to discovery HD Canada documentary Feb 13, 2008
Holophone's® H4SuperMINI: Capturing the mind of Les Paul Oct 15, 2007
Holophone® to hold draw for free H4 SuperMINI camera mountable surround microphone at NAB 2007 Apr 16, 2007
Holophone® introduces the SideWinder-6 mic Snake at Apr 16, 2007
Holophone's® H4SuperMINI licensed to include Dolby® Pro-Logic II Apr 16, 2007
Holophone® introduces N-CODE at NAB 2008 Apr 14, 2007
Holophone® introduces D-CODE at NAB 2008 Apr 14, 2007
Holophone® introduces PortaMic 5.1 at NAB 2008 Apr 14, 2007
Holophone® introduces enhanced H4 Multi-Cable at NAB 2008 Apr 14, 2007
Holophone® introduces enhanced H4 SuperMINI at NAB 2008 Apr 14, 2007
Holophone® and FogoLabs recreate Cowboy Junkies Trinity album and HD DVD Dec 13, 2006
Holophone's® H2-PRO used in episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition Nov 29, 2006
Holophone® Features H4 SuperMINI at AES 2006 Oct 06, 2006
Holophone®Highlights H3-D Microphone at AES 2006 Oct 06, 2006
Holophone® and Project Harvest: Capturing the World In 7.1 Oct 06, 2006
Holophone® To Launch H3-D Microphone at NAB 2006 Oct 04, 2006
Holophone H2-PRO Surrounds the 48th Grammy Awards, Super Bowl XL, NHL Hockey, and NBA Basketball Aug 02, 2006
Holophone's® H2-PRO Nominated for TEC Award Jun 26, 2006
Holophone's® H3-D Wins Multiple Awards at NAB For Revolutionary Technology May 19, 2006
Holophone's® H4 SuperMini Wins Broadcast Engineering's NAB Pick Hit Award May 19, 2006
Holophone's® H4 SuperMINI receives certified Hit Award from MIX May 07, 2006
Holophone® Introduces H4 SuperMINI at NAB 2006 Apr 17, 2006
Holophone® Surround Microphone Captures Van Morrison's Ryman Auditorium Concert - Hank Neuberger Records Historic Performance with the H2-PRO Apr 03, 2006
Holophone® Releases Enhanced H2-PRO Microphone, Portion of Proceeds Donated to Charity to Fight World Hunger Mar 27, 2006
Holophone to exhibit at 119th AES NY and celebrates growth worldwide Oct 03, 2005
Holophone Announces 5.1 channel Holophone-MINI Surround Microphone & Pocket PME Pre-Amp/Monitor/Encoder for Professional Applications Apr 05, 2005
Holophone Appoints Audio Processing Technology Exclusive Representative for the Holophone H2-PRO Surround Sound Microphone in Japan Feb 03, 2005
Holophone H2-PRO Surround Sound Microphone Selected for Super Bowl XXXIX HDTV Broadcast by Fox Jan 25, 2005
Holophone Appoints Dealers Worldwide and Ships H2-PRO Surround Microphone Nov 09, 2004
Holophone Presents Specialized Surround Sound Recording Seminar at 117th AES Oct 14, 2004
Holophone and DPA Microphones A/S Form Strategic Alliance Jun 08, 2004
Holophone Launches New H2-PRO Surround Sound Microphone Apr 13, 2004
Holophone Launches New Website - www.holophone.com Aug 03, 2003
Holophone Licensed to Moscow International House of Music Mar 24, 2003

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