• Miniaturized Holophone microphone "head" captures 5.1 channels of discrete audio with a Multi-directional pickup pattern that co-relates to standard 5.1 channel surround playback configuration
• Audio can be recorded directly onto camera's internal media along with video image
• 5 microphone elements (L, R, C, LS, RS) have a bandwidth of 20Hz-20Khz.
• Dedicated LFE (.1) microphone 20Hz to 100Hz for outstanding Low Frequency performance
• Six line-level Analog outputs one perchannel available from three, stereo 3.5mm female Mini- plug Jacks
• Internal Dolby® Pro-Logic II Encoded line-level stereo output for connection to camera ir stereo recorder available on single 3.5mm stereo female Mini-plug Jack
• Dolby® Pro-Logic II Output is compatible with Dolby® Pro-Logic II and all similar 5.1 channel stereo matrix decoding schemes.
• Dolby® Pro-Logic II encoded on-camera surround sound can be transmitted, shared and processed via any stereo infrastructure
• Audio Zoom Button increases the forward bias of microphone pickup pattern for Zoom with close-up camera shot.
• Virtual surround Headphone output with Gain Control on 3.5mm mini stereo jack for live and instantaneous on-camera monitoring of surround field.
• Auxiliary Center channel microphone input (XLR) for attaching external lavalier or shotgun microphone. Selector switch, gain control and phantom power selectable.
• Unity gain, Headphone and external mic level control plus -15db pad for high-SPL situations
• Intuitive Bi-Color Color LED Holophone Monitor
indicates sound level and direction.
• Uses four readily available "AA" Rechargeable batteries, with a minimum five hour battery life.
• Attaches to camera hot shoe (or cold shoe) accessory mount
• Windscreen available
• External A/C charger included.


H4 Microphone Head Dimensions: approx. 2.5 inch (6cm) X 1.5 inch (3.5 cm)
- Total combined Weight: approx. 1 lbs. (800g)
- Total combined dimensions: 8 inches (20cm)h X 1 inch
(2.5cm)d X 2 inches (5cm) w
- Directional Characteristics: Multi-

Directional pick-up pattern
- Frequency Range: 5 X 20Hz - 20kHz , 1 X 20Hz - 100Hz
- Sensitivity: -35 +/- 4db
- S/N ratio: More than 64db:
- Maximum Sound Pressure Level: 130db
- Impedence: less than 2.2 kW


    - 2 Channel Dolby® Pro-Logic II Surround Output: stereo 3.5 mm miniplug, female, Output level -10 db, to dual XLR, dual RCA and dual stereo-mini.
    - 6 Channel Output: 3 X stereo 3.5 mm miniplug, female (Left, Right,/ Center, LFE, (low frequency)/ Left Surround, Right Surround), Output Level - 10 db
    - Headphone out: stereo 3.5 mm miniplug, female output level -10db
    - Ext Mic in: XLR female +4 db balanced
    - Phantom Power voltage supply: Ext. Mic in: 48v
    - Pad: -15db
    - Battery requirement: 4 X "AA" batteries
    - Battery life: > 5 hours


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