Holophone Classic

- low handling noise
- very little proximity effect
-cool vibe
- full frequency range 20-20k
-Awesome drum mike with a look that enhances the kit instead of detracting
- inspirational large vocal group and choir mic for studio or stage
-designed with technology based on the lessons learned from years of providing broadcasters and viewers exceptionally clear sound
-very articulate and natural tone
-will be available in matched pairs
-Outstaning visual presence for stage and studio.
Don't hide your mics on stage. You wouldn't hide your guitar would you?
Classic C classic O
Two Brand New Mics Nothing had ever been made like these before! They really look like nothing else on the planet!
The Holophone Classic C
The Holophone Classic O

The Classic C (cardioid) is a center stage Vocal Production microphone that will inspire singers and stage /video designers alike with a unique look and a retro inspired sound. It has a nice tight polar pickup pattern and feedback rejecting qualities while still providing a clear full range signal.
The Classic O (ultra-wide cardioid- omni directional) l is designed as a stage microphone for full choral groups, horn sections drum overheads or ambience capture. It utilizes a very wide polar pickup pattern and captures full range audio form 20-20kHz.
  • A Retro styled Nod to the past, designed for the future
  • Radio style condenser microphones
  • Classic ballsy sound
  • Unmistakably huge stage presence
  • Who wouldn't want one
  • Be an individual be unique!
  • Great mic for music videos or major stage productions
  • Patented design
  • PHat sound
  • PHatter vibe
Created from the makers of the most powerful microphone systems in the world with the most experience in capturing 3D audio for broadcast. Now available to the general public

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